4 Funniest Football Goals in History

It is great to marvel at impossible shots, curveballs, amazing corner kicks and the like, but what equally warrants our attention are the funny, unfortunate, and plain unlucky goals. Here are the top four goals that we did not expect.

Maidstone United vs Prince of Wales

Sometimes, you are not the best shot in the world. The odds are against you, the pressure is too much, and it’s hard to focus. Isn’t it nice when the opposing team helps, albeit unwittingly?

The ball was going toward the goal when the goalkeeper managed to miss it entirely, so a defender came to the rescue. This only set up the ball for the Maidstone attacker, who would have missed the shot, had there not been another defender that tried to stop it and scored against her own team. It was a series of consecutive fails on both sides, though Maidstone United ended up with a 12-0 win.

Helicopter Dad

This isn’t a goal, but it deserves to be on this list. Do you have a mother or father that does all of your assignments for you, while putting on the pressure to make sure you get into a good school? This isn’t like that.

Bow Street and Llanilar faced against each other in a children’s football game, when the goalkeeper’s dad, in an effort to motivate his son, Osian, or just desperately trying to protect his team, pushed him which toppled him over and saved the goal. Phil Hatfield and Osian have become a viral sensation.

Ascoli vs Palermo

Filippo Perucchini is a former Ascoli goalkeeper that used to play for Milan, as well. Before he signed on for Empoli in January 2016, he left the fans of football shocked and laughing with the goal he scored – against his own team.

Perucchini was trying to trick the Palermo player by dribbling the ball. Unfortunately for him, he miscalculated how far the goal line was behind him. This improved Palermo’s morale drastically and they won the game 3-0.

Cardiff vs Tottenham

Harry Kane is one of the wholesome names of football. The Spurs scored a goal against Cardiff on January 1st, 2019 in the third minute, which was a start that led to a 0-3 score. What’s interesting is that Kane didn’t even, really, take the shot. He was passed the ball and it ricocheted between him and the defending players before getting into the net at a comfortable pace.