Football Teams with the Most Amazing Support

Popular football teams have a diverse line-up in terms of nationality, and it is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Not only do you get the support from home town and country, but every player has his or her own fan base, and that will support the team. Club rivalries, major competitions, and big stadiums only make the matchups between two famous teams even more exciting, and these events are the best thing about football actually. 

Sure we all love it when the whole country is competing and we get to cheer on the home team, but when clubs are competing it is an entirely new experience. You invite your friends over and you don’t necessarily support the same time, so the stakes are higher because some of you will end up winning or losing. So, let’s see which of the teams actually have the most massive and supportive fan base.   

Manchester United

The lead competitor in this race is without a doubt Manchester United. It is the most successful team in the UK and it has the biggest support worldwide. A few years back a survey was conducted to see which team has the biggest support and there were over 650 million people who stated they are supporting Manchester United. Moreover, that number has likely grown and it is estimated that the MU fan base exceeds 750 million.  

Probably one of the main contributors to such an impressive and growing fan base is Alex Ferguson. He won a total of 38 trophies while managing the team which definitely played a huge role. However, nothing lasts forever and as the football industry changes the number one spot might go to someone else, but there is no doubt that Manchester United cemented its place as a legendary team.  

Real Madrid

Spot number two is Real Madrid as its social following was over 200 million according to the survey, and it is likely that the number is as high as 350 million today. The team has a value of 3 billion pounds and its annual revenue is around 589 million pounds, so the fan base is likely to continue to grow. There is something about our nature that pushes us to cheer on the underdog in the race because we want to see people triumph. That is why Real Madrid is likely to have a higher growth rate than Manchester, but will it ever beat the reigning champion? Only time will tell.  

Also, Real Madrid has a burning rivalry with Barcelona and since these matchups are basically Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi, the clash between these teams is a global spectacle. 

FC Barcelona

Spot number 3 goes to Barcelona which is another globally renowned club that almost ties with Real Madrid. As stated these two teams have a way more interesting dynamic than Manchester rivalries, because they are performing almost equally well, and because there is a chance for one to dethrone the other. Barcelona is also valued at around 3 billion, annual revenue of 566 million pounds, and has a fan base of 450 million. They have over 200 million followings on social media and thanks to talents like Messi, Iniesta, and Suarez, Barcelona is very likely to take spot number two.