Games Football Players Play to Relax and Unwind

Playing a sport, whether professionally or as an amateur can take its toll on the body and more importantly, the mind. Everyone needs to relax every once in a while and people tend to do it in their own, specific ways. Some prefer to play sports while others just like to sit and watch TV.

Football players also have their own ways of relaxing and more often than not, video games are at the top of the list of relaxing activities.

Here are the types of games which football players enjoy in their spare time.

Online Casino Games

Casino games are definitely something that can help people unwind. Some do play casino games professionally, but not football players. They tend to visit sites from time to time and play some roulette or a quick game of cards. Some get lucky and win, others do not, but that is not the point, rather to have fun. Some browse the internet prior to playing and discover bonus codes and promotions, like this Heart Bingo bonus code and take advantage of the said promotions. All in all, casino games are one of the favorite pastimes of football players.

Other Sports Games

While football players can get tired from all things football, they tend to look at other sports as a way of recreation, especially in video games. While their stressed bodies are recovering from all the workouts, sports like basketball, hockey, golf and a plethora of water sports, tend to be the main focus of professional football players. The sports being video games, means they only need to exercise their fingers, which are usually well-rested, unless they belong to the goalkeepers.

First-person Shooters

First-person shooters are among the favorite and most played games online. Games like Battlefield V and the Call of Duty series attract a lot of players, both veterans and new ones. These games are fast-paced and give you an adrenaline rush while also providing you with a highly competitive experience.

Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive usually take the top spot, because of their simplicity and level of engagement, including the reward system and the ranked ladder system.

Turn-based Strategy Games

Turn-based Strategy Games have been around for a long time, mostly because they were much easier on the hardware than the real-time ones. They also allow you to take longer breaks between moves, as you are in no danger of losing while your turn is up.

Today, games like Total War: Warhammer II and the Civilization series are among the more popular ones. Other than those, people tend to turn towards the classics like Heroes of Might and Magic, the third game, as well as Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. Football players are no strangers to these games, as they tend to be relaxing by design.

Browser Games

When pressed for time, browser games can be the solution. They usually require an internet connection, unless you want to play Chrome’s T-Rex game, which is available offline. There are plenty of browser games which football players can play, from shooters, racing games, to fighting games and society simulators.

These are the types of games which football players prefer, ranked in no particular order of genre. There certainly are more games which football players love, yet these ones are the most common ones.