Scottish Premiership 2020 Predictions

With the Celtic winning the eight consecutive title last year, they may very well be the ones to go home with the crown. Or may they? Scottish football isn’t like horses. You can’t expect the same stability one gets from melbourne-cup.online. So, who are the likely winners of the Scottish Premiership 2020?


Of course, Celtic is the favourite. At the time of writing, they’re at the top of the board with 18 points. The only problem is that Brendan Rodgers left the club, which might present an obstacle in their endeavours. Luckily, they have been able to recruit Christopher Jullien, which should allow them to stay at the top. There is something to be said about the psychological advantage of the team, considering the Celtic’s winning streak. In spite of that, they do have a few worthy rivals lying in wait.


Ah, yes –the team that is synonymous with the history of Scottish football is back in action and they are breathing down the Celtic’s neck. With one loss and 15 points, they can prove to be a force to be reckoned with. October should be a smooth ride for the Rangers, as most of their opponents are nowhere near a threat, with the possible exception in the form of Motherwell. Their true challenge lies in December when they face off against the next contender on our list.


Aberdeen started somewhat slow with one loss and two draws. However, experts agree that without Celtic in the picture, the Premiership would definitely go to Aberdeen. The challenge they face is not an insignificant one, especially when you take into account the Rangers’ steady climb towards the top of the board. Nonetheless, their 11 points and the third position on the chart so far prove that they cannot be ignored.

Motherwell and Ross Country

To be fair, we don’t expect too much from these two teams, which is not to say that they have not made some very significant progress so far. It’s not that they are bad, the other entries on the list are simply better. That may change, as Motherwell could give Rangers a run for their money.

Bottom Line

Celtic is probably going to go home with the 9th title, though the desire to dethrone them is growing strong among other teams. The only real threats are Aberdeen and Rangers and we can’t honestly say who’s going to have the privilege of taking the champions down. Bear in mind that this is simply a prediction based on the information currently on the table and the past success of the teams – a lot could happen and change by the time Premiership is over.