Top Football teams in Wales

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Football in Wales has been known to be advancing ever since the launch of the game in that country. Wales as a country has several football leagues with the top flight league being the Welsh premier league.  There are also many football clubs which have their origins from the Welsh land. Despite Wales having many football clubs, there are only two clubs which are always regarded as the best in Wales. These clubs are Cardiff City and Swansea City.  Even though these clubs originated from Wales, they usually play in foreign leagues. This is due to some historical reasons which made these teams migrate to foreign leagues. Both of the clubs were formerly playing for the southern league before they became members of the football league. A lot of arguments have been arising as to which team between the Cardiff City and Swansea is the king of Welsh football. It is without a doubt that these two teams are the giants of Wales’s football as long as history, and even recent performances are considered.

Cardiff City

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Cardiff city popularly known as the Bluebirds have its origin in the town of Cardiff, Wales. It is a proficient football club which was founded in the year 1899. The team was initially established as Riverside A.F.C. It is known to be the only club which is not from England to have won the famous FA Cup. This glorious moment was in the year 1921. In the 2012-13 season, Cardiff City was crowned champions of the Football League Championship. For this reason, they were promoted to a top league for the first time in 51 years. After their promotion, Cardiff had a chance to add icing on the cake when they managed to play in two important national cup finals and bet on portugal croácia.  These were the FA Cup final and football league cup final. However, the Bluebirds lost in both finals. In the FA Cup final, they were beaten by Portsmouth 1-0 and lost in a penalty shootout in the National Cup final against Liverpool. In the present day, Cardiff City usually plays in the Championship league which is ranked second in the English football league system.

Cardiff City’s superiority

Cardiff City might have the best run right now or rather can be proclaimed as the best team in Wales at the present moment. However, when it comes to establishing the stature of a football club, several aspects such as potential, fan base, history and tradition are usually considered. Since Cardiff city is situated in the Welsh capital, it is known to have a massive fan base. Their history is also very well decorated with superb achievements such as the winning of the FA Cup the only club in Wales to ever achieve this, and also the beating of football giants Real Madrid. Their current form though not very spectacular can be said to be fair since they are playing in the second most popular league in England. Their future is also very promising as suggested by several football analysts.

Swansea City

Swansea City is a Welsh football club which has its origin in Swansea town, Wales. The football club was established in the year 1912 at the Swansea town. They assumed the name Swansea City following the town promotion to a city status. Swansea City plays in the English Premier League, the top most football league in England. They were promoted to play in the Premier League in the year 2011. In the year 2013, they defeated Bradford City 5-0 to claim the Football League Championship. They also managed to qualify for the 2013-14 EUFA Europa league making it the first ever Welsh club to achieve such a status.

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Supremacy of Swansea City

Swansea has also proven to have a decorated history. This Welsh side has spent four years in the Premier League among other achievements such as qualification for the UEFA Europa League. Their home stadium, the Liberty Stadium is one of the most popular stadiums in the world. Swansea is considered one of the best football teams in Wales because of their current form, their reputable history and also their massive fan base.

Even though Wales have many football clubs, Cardiff City and Swansea City are the ones which are very outstanding. It is also important to note that these clubs are not playing in the Welsh Premier League. However, they are based in Wales and without a doubt the best Welsh football teams.