History of Wales national football team

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About the team

Wales is usually represented in worldwide football competitions by the Wales national football team. The team is managed by the Football Association of Wales (FAW). FAW governs all football activities in Wales. FAW was among the first national football associations in the world to be established. In fact, it is known to be the third-oldest. Even though Wales is part of UK, it has its own team that represents it in most important competitions.  However, they are not allowed to participate in the Olympics because the IOC has already granted a side representing the United Kingdom. The team has managed to qualify for two main international events. They were the quarter-finalists in the 1958 world cup. In addition to this, their allies qualified for the UEFA Euro 2016 competition. In the year 1976, Wales also managed to qualify for the same UEFA Euro Championships. In this tournament, they progressed up to the quarter finals. Players of the Welsh youth team and national team are usually selected using the English football league system.

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Early years

On 25th March the year 1876, Wales played its first ever competitive match. In this game, they played against Scotland in Glasgow. It acquired its status as the world’s third oldest national football team. Scots won the game four goals to nil. The second leg was arranged in Scotland the next year. It was the first ever international football match on Wales’s soil. Scotland again won this match two goals to nil. In later years, Wales’s national football team played against England and Ireland national football team. They lost 2-1 to England but thrashed Ireland 7 goals to 1. This massive event took place in the year 1882 in Wrexham. Together with England, Ireland and Scotland, Wales contributed to the formation of International Football Association Board (IFAB). This body was responsible for the formation and approval of worldwide football rules. British Home Championship was formed in the 1883-84 season. This tournament played annually, and it featured Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. Up to the year 1984, Wales were crowned champions on 12 occasions. They won undisputed on seven occasions and shared the title on five occasions. The Football Association of Wales became members of FIFA in the year 1906. The relationship between British Associations and FIFA was weighed down due to disagreement over payment of amateur players. As a result, British nations withdrew from FIFA in the year 1928. It is for this reason that Wales did not participate in the first three World Cups. However, Wales rejoined FIFA in the year 1946. They competed in the qualifying rounds for the 1950 world cup.

1958 World Cup

The first and only world cup appearance that Wales’s national football team has ever made was in the 1958 world cup. Their qualification path was somehow unusual since they finished second after Czechoslovakia in their qualification group. Thanks to politics in the Middle East, however, Wales managed to qualify for the World Cup after they defeated Israel in the playoff. In this world cup competition, Wales’s national football team was very strong.  They managed to draw their entire group match against Sweden, Hungary, and Mexico. They went forward to defeat Hungary in plays offs reaching quarter finals. Due to an injury of one of their top players-john Charles, Wales chance of winning against Brazil was very slim. They lost the match one goal to nil. A goal scored by then 17 years old Pele.

Wales Football Team Currently

Wales have since qualified for other big tournaments such as the 1976 UEFA Euro competitions and the 2012 summer Olympic Games. Wales’s national football team will also be participating in the 2016 UEFA Euro competition. Fans expect a better performance from the team inspired by Real Madrid football star Gareth Bale in the 2016 UEFA Euro competitions.

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